Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hypnosis Abuse

I am starting this web site to try to find other people who know about any form of mind control being used on people while they sleep without their knowledge. I know this is being done because I caught people trying to do it to me. I am not talking about government conspiracies, satanic ritual abuse, electronic implants or anything similar. What I found happening was something like hypnosis assisted with drugs, and a form of conditioning known as Covert Conditioning. This is being used on unsuspecting people while they sleep. I am certain that I am not the only one. If you have any information on this, please contact me at mcvctm1@bellsouth.net . I am hoping to acquire enough data to get some sort of legal action started. I hope to make it a felony to do this to anyone since I know from experience that it can be very harmful. I can use any information about any real cases of people being controlled while they sleep without their knowledge. Also any information about methods that have been used to do this to people. Since most people probably do not believe this would work, I will gives ome examples. In Dave Elman's "Hypnotherapy", in chapter 22 "Hypnosis Attached to Sleep, Hypnosleep", he describes a method for inducing hypnosis during sleep and an account of a man who used this method on his wife. He had no trouble controlling her in this way and changed her into the wife he wanted. All this was done without her knowledge or cooperation. Like all people involved in hypnosis, the author tried to convince any reader that, at some level, his victim wanted to obey and that you can't use hypnosis to make someone do something they don't really want to do.But there are many ways to do that. Also, in Wendi Friesen's book, "Hypnotize Your Lover", in chapter 6 "hypnosleep", she describes a similar case of a man hypnotizing a woman as she slept. Similar stories can be found in many publications. There will be a partial bibliography at the end of this. It seems that using hypnosis to control people for sex is a popular fantasy. Good examples of this can be found at websites such as http://www.mcstories.com/ and http://www.darksites.net/hypo1.html.The people who run such websites insist this is all just fantasy but many people would do this to others if they could and some allready are. One method that is commonly used to control someone as they sleep has been used successfully by many hypnotists. At first you just get close to the subject as they sleep so they can get used to your presence. Then you begin to speak to them very quietly trying to establish control. A common method is to lead the subject's respirations with commands. As the subject breathes in or out, you say "breathe in, breathe out". Gradually, you begin to lead their respirations until they breathe after you tell them. You can then extend this to control of other body movements, such as moving a finger or arm. For a description of a similar induction try http://www.hypnoticadvancements.com/language_hypnosleep.htm . There is also a discussion of hypnotic induction during sleep at http://www.hypnosis101.com/wordpress/index.php/archive/85 . Also the website http://www.erotic-hypnosis.org discusses hypnosleep and the induction of hypnotic states in a sleeping subject. This website also discusses using hypnosis to manipulate people sexually. This is easier to do when the subjectis controlled in their sleep without their knowledge.
But the important step comes when you can control their dreams. This allows you to use Covert Conditioning and that is what allows you to cause someone to do something they really don't want to do. Through Covert Conditioning, you can alter someone's feelings until they think they want to do what you want them to do. There are many discussions of control of dreams on the web. Usually the references are to Lucid Dreaming. This involves using self-hypnosis or some device to induce and control the dreams. But the same thing can be done to someone while they sleep without their knowledge. A discussion of the use of hypnosis to control someone's dreams can be found at http://www.medicaljournal-las.org/11_2/agargun.pdf . Or just type agargun.pdf into the Google search engine. Covert Conditioning uses voluntary imaginative involvement to produce the same effect as classical and instrumental conditioning. But the same thing can be done by controlling someone's dreams. It is even more effective when they don't realize what is being done to them. The best explanation of Covert Conditioning can be found in the 1980 book"Covert Conditioning" by Dennis Upper and Joseph Cautela. In this book they show that through the use of vivid imaginative involvement the same results can be achieved as through Classical and Instrumental Conditioning. The effectis much stronger when you can control someone's dreams without their knowledge through hypnosis or some similar method. And the effect can be increased through the use of drugs. The use of drugs in date rapes is very common. It is even more effective when used in conjunction with mind control methods while the victim sleeps.
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The dates of some of the above studies should give you the idea of how long this sortof thing has been going on. For recent examples of how this could be abused, searchhttp://www.mosnews.com/ for the story of Dr. Jean Andres Hoareau. In May of 2005 he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping someone while they were under hypnosis. He is not the only one to have done this. And it will continue until it is made illegal to use any similar method on people while they sleep. To do that will require a lot of public support.